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"Love my fabulous highlights! Walked in needing a hair rescue and walked out with big smile on my face and perfect highlights. THANKS a million!"

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"Rebecca saved my life. I came to her with a dreadful perm, hair much too dark and a bad haircut. She cured me…"



Rebecca and Bride

Rebecca and Bride

“I’m still groovin’ on the kickin’ hair cut you gave me a few weeks ago. You rock, you rock, you rock, and you rock some more!”

“If you are looking for a something beyond just the “same-old same haircut” – you MUST see Rebecca. From traditional to trendy Rebecca is a master. I love that I can count on Rebecca to give me a new look each time I visit. The thing that most frustrated me with other stylists is they always did the same old style each time – I love the change; Rebecca makes me a “new woman” with each visit. PLUS, with my short hair I love the fact that her precision hair cuts grow out in a way that I can create new styles myself until I’m ready for a new cut. I love YOU Rebecca – keep up the fantastic work!"
—Alice Miller

“Rebecca was the obvious choice to do my hair and make-up on my wedding day because she’s done my hair for years and has always done excellent work. On the day of my wedding she was professional, courteous, and really fun. She was a calming influence on an otherwise stressful day. She had a really creative take on the look I was going for and I was very pleased with the results. I was so happy with my hair and make-up and I received so many genuine compliments that day. There was also a long line of ladies wanting up-dos and bang trims and eye make-up done and she managed to not only fit everyone in, but to make everyone happy. I would highly recommend her.”
—Julie Comfort

“Rebecca is an awesome stylist. She came into Bellissimo like a breath of fresh air. Her work is new, young, and always irresistible. She does everything from rock and roll to soccer mom. I’ve even seen 70 year olds leave with funky “hell yeah” styles. She always has an idea and right away I asked her to do my cut and color! The testament to her is her work.”
—Katie Woodall, Stylist for 30 years

“3 generations – we all love our hair cuts – Melakae (age 7), Jenna (age 32), and Grandma (age 50+). Rebecca can cut for any age, any style!”

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  1. Rebecca has been styling my hair for several years now and she always does a great job!

  2. Jennie A.

    Rebecca is very talented. Just at a glance, she knew exactly what to do to make my hair look amazing. I said I wanted long layers all the way around with a trim. The results were perfect, even better than I had ever seen before. She has a different yet much better technique than most. Its great to know you have found a great hairdresser that you can trust and that listens to what you want as well as gives you a great cut every time-no stress! I used to be very nervous when getting my hair cut, for the reason that each time; the hairdresser would first not understand what i wanted nor understand what layering meant-scary- and not the kind done with a razor blade or an angled line or in steps, then they would cut too much off and would often be very uneven. I eventually gave up and started trimming only a tad bit off, but really wanting that layered look…it wasnt until i found becca that I finally had my hair done right-by a Professional! Great Job! I have and would definetly refer her to everyone!

  3. H. Maddox

    Rebecca is a rockstar hair stylist. I came in very self-conscious and intimidated, infact I gave up on telling her what I wanted because I found myself sticking with the same ‘ole haircut description I’ve had since I was in high school. So I ket is short and vague… “I want girly and soft, but punk and hard.” And she had 45 minutes to make it happen. I’ve been in the Bay Area for over 2 years. I will travel all the away to Pittsburg to have my best friend talk a hairstylist through the steps in cutting my hair…this was my first venture out, getting my hair cut without someone holding my hand. With Rebecca, I was surprised how fast she worked, how she interpreted my desires and gave me a cut that made me feel beautiful, punk, soft, and hard and totally easy to style. She is a rock star, but under her care, you can be one too. Rebecca, thank you.